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Cole Noble District

We are the The Cole-Noble District Neighborhood Association, an organization dedicated to improving the “livability” and “workability” of the District. The Cole-Noble District is located on the near East side of downtown Indianapolis. We are home to a large variety of small businesses, condominium and apartment buildings, plus landmarks like The Nature Conservancy, Easley Winery, and Harrison College.


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News and Events

 2/14/2013 - A new name and rendering for $30M Ops Center project

10/17/2012 - U.S. Senators Visit Easley Winery - Downtown Indy Winery Hosts Senate Roundtable Discussion on Small Business  Read more...

5/24/2012 - The Cole-Noble District Community Vision mural, located at 635 E. Market Street, is dedicated. This mural is a timeline from the early years of Governor Noble, through the Market Square arena days, and into tomorrow. Special thanks to Barbara Milton who spearheaded the project, The Great Indy Neighborhood Initiative which supplier the grant, and Shannon Johnson who designed it.

1/4/2012 - With a tight economy and the arrival of out of town Super Bowl guests, Cole-noble and IMPD are encouraging downtown businesses to be proactive about the personal safety of their staff.  Read more...